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17 Feb 2011.

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Message received from Andrew and Susan theobald on  the occasion of our Jubilee (Jan 2018):

"We would like to express our grateful thanks for all the wonderful Masses we have been welcomed to when on holiday in Cornwall over the last 20 years and to wish Fr. Bryan and all the parishioners a joyous celebration of 50 wonderful years of living faith in Tintagel."


Postcard received by Fr. Storey from Iosif Sandoru from Romania, who is currently studying in Spain to become a Jesuit priest, and who visited us several times during past summers:    "Dear Fr. Bryan, I'm sending you this card with my very best memories of our friendship.  I started Theology this Autumn and hopefully in 2014-15 I will get ordained.  So, you are kindly invited to pray for me.  My sincere love for you and the best wishes to your parishioners - Iosif." 
Dec 2012 

Update: ordained a priest on the 29th August 2015 - CONGRATULATIONS!

Gerry Croydon sends good wishes to everybody.
Oct 10

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Posted by Myke & Miriam Rosenthal-English on 26/05/2014   Email

Greetings from Fuessen in Germany.Can hardly believe that 20 years have gone so quickly.June 4th 1994 seems just like yesterday,when we married in St Paul the Apostle Church.Prayers for you all.Myke,Miriam,Miriam Heidemarie,Gisela Maria,Andreas Franziskus,Michaela Anna Elisabeth,Maximilian Johann & Claudia Sabine Rosenthal-English.We seem to remember many who said our marriage wouldn't last 6 months!There but for the grace of God go we!

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