St. Paul the Apostle
Catholic Church


Safeguarding Representative for St Paul’s:

Rafael Krasnodebski  01840 770461


If you would like to see the consultation document produced by the Diocesan Safeguarding Office on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in our community, please see Rafael Krasnodebski or Fr. Storey. You are also invited to pass any comments back to the Safeguarding Office, St. Joseph's Offices 01752 (or replace chris in the e-mail address by annette or mary).
Oct 09

Diocesan Safeguarding Office

Government changes to CRBs

You may have heard stories in the media that the Government is reviewing the CRB process to provide 'a common sense approach'.  The Church in England & Wales has looked carefully at the proposed changes and advised us that as the necessary legislation will not be completed until November 2011 and the particular roles that we check do not appear to be ruled out of the revised scheme, recruitment and selection of people working with children and /or vulnerable adults should continue as usual.  We will also be beginning to 're-check' some people.  Your Parish Safeguarding Rep Peter Battle will be in touch if this applies to you.  Thank you for your patience during these changes to Government legislation.
Mar 11

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